Minimize Field Test Effort & Maximize Research Performance

Seamless Integration

  • Replicates identical communication interface of real sensors and actuators(ROS, LCM, UDP, TCP/IP, Serial, CAN*)
  • Minimized need to add test-only codes to your software to run it with our simulation

Real-world Maps

  • Built from HD map data(SHP, OpenDrive)
  • Easily transfer simulation results into the real world
  • Best for technical demo or competition preparation

HIL/VIL Support

  • Can work with real sensors or a vehicle in real-time
  • Similar to Augmented Reality games, an ego-vehicle can recognize surrounding vehicles and pedestrians that only exist in simulation as if they do in the real world
  • Effortlessly create field test scenarios and make field tests much safer


Mobile Robot Platforms

Meet mobile robot platforms with different size and performance. Virtual models of the platforms are available in our simulators, which makes a perfect autonomous vehicle research kit.

LiDAR for Autonomous Driving

We are a distributor of HESAI for the Korean market. Meet HESAI’s LiDARs, the most advanced LiDARs for your autonomous driving system.

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R&D Center

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Head Office

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